Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Dana White Explains Ban On UFC Fighters Gambling On Events

UFC President Dana White agrees with the stance of sportsbook regulators that fighters shouldn’t be allowed to bet on fights and events.

White and the UFC announced a new addition to the promotion’s Code of Conduct recently, stating that fighters can no longer place bets on UFC fights and events. This could potentially put the sponsorships of some fighters, including MyBookie, in jeopardy going forward.

The policy isn’t just limited to the athletes. Their respective teams, as outlined by UFC Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell, are also not allowed to bet on anything UFC-related.

After the letter from Campbell to the UFC roster was made public, some fighters have expressed displeasure with the ruling. White has been quiet since the policy was announced.

Dana White Explains His Stance On UFC Fighters Gambling

Dana White
Image Credit: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

During his UFC 280 post-fight press conference, White gave his thoughts on UFC fighters being prohibited to bet on themselves and fights in general.

“Yeah, well, gambling is opening up everywhere in every state, and the people who regulate gambling don’t think it’s a good idea for fighters to be betting on themselves. And I agree,” White said.

White didn’t specify and go into details as to how the UFC intends to police the rule and make sure fighters aren’t in violation., one of the leaders of modern sports betting, is the official betting partner of the company. It’s uncertain if fighters have been allowed to compensate from the partnership, though chances are after this policy addition that’s been eliminated.

Another question mark surrounding the issue is fighter/coach-produced gambling podcasts. It’s unclear if those such as Glory MMA head coach James Krause will still be allowed to give betting advice when it comes to UFC events.

This would also disallow management to bet on the athletes they represent, shutting down scenarios such as Holly Holm’s management earning a six-figure payout for betting on her to upset Ronda Rousey.

White has embraced sports betting in MMA, although fighters and their teams won’t get to profit from it going forward.

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