Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Dana White Blasks Nelk Boy Bob Menery: ‘I Gave U $50k to STFU’

While Dana White was happy to do marketing work with the Nelk Boys, he wants no part of the drama between founder Kyle Forgeard and ex-collaborator Bob Menery.

The relationship White has gathered with the Nelk Boys has been controversial to MMA fans and fighters, to say the least, not that he is particularly bothered by it. Nevertheless, he has utilized his relationship with the YouTubers to build a marketing connection, doing regular podcast appearances and having promotional opportunities involving the UFC working alongside the Nelk Boys.

Dana White Shuts Down Bob Menery

Just because they have developed a strong working relationship does not mean that Dana White wants to be in the middle of any sort of drama between the Nelk Boys.

However, such drama has persisted, with Kyle Forgeard and Bob Menery having something of a public dispute, with Menery feeling as if he’d been mistreated before his split with the Full Send podcast, including claiming that he is owed money by the Nelk Boys.

This has culminated in Menery sharing a compilation video of people complimenting him and his contributions to the Nelk Boys, including a clip from White. Although it seems that the UFC president was not happy about this and took to his Instagram Stories to tear into Menery, going as far as to say he paid Menery to go away.

“Enjoy your show my ‘friend.’ @bobmenery Keep me out of your crybaby bullshit. You are an absolute puss and I told u that and u are delusional and blew the biggest opportunity of ur life now move on like a big boy. Yes u introduced me and @kyle then fuckin cried about it forever so i gave u 50k. So u would STFU so now STFU. It’s embarrassing”

via Instagram @danawhite

This prompted a response from Mener, who denied that White paid him off, and instead stated that there were several promises made but not delivered on. On top of that, he fired back at comments that he is being a crybaby about this whole situation.

“First of all, his money stuff, all the stuff he said on money, what he paid, that’s bullshit FYI. Absolute bullshit,” Menery said about White. “I’m not a crybaby, I’m not a bitch. I’m just standing up for myself. Is that so wrong?”

It seems that Dana White has found himself in the middle of this battle between Kyle Forgeard and Bob Menery, whether he wants to be or not. Perhaps this is the price for partnering with these types of entities.

What do you make of the back and forth between Dana White and Bob Menery?