Monday, November 28, 2022

Darren Till Shares Gnarly Photos Of Eye Injury (GRAPHIC)

If you want to greet Darren Till, do it from the right side because his left eye is in pretty rough shape right now.

It has been a difficult road for Till lately, fighting just five times in four years and only winning one of those bouts. He has faced a variety of health issues and travel complications that have kept him from being able to compete consistently, with his last bout being a submission setback to Derek Brunson just over a year ago.

Darren Till Has A Mild Case Of “Pinkeye”

Darren Till is looking to get back in the win column when he takes on Dricus du Plessis on December 10th, on the final UFC pay-per-view of the year. However, he suffered a bit of an injury in training that could have forced yet another withdrawal out of the Scouser.

Posting to Instagram with photos, as well as a video in his Stories, Till is seen with a particularly gruesome black eye, with the eyeball itself being seriously reddened and swollen in a graphic close-up photo. In the post, he tagged PFL featherweight Brendan Loughnane, suggesting that may have been the one to give him the lovely shiner.

via Instagram @darrentill2.0
via Instagram @darrentill2.0

That is a nasty bit of biological eye makeup to say the least, and it has had some fans worried that it could mean Darren Till will be forced to withdraw from a bout. That said, it seems to be a superficial wound based on the way he appeared a few hours later, so there should be no danger for the upcoming bout with Dricus du Plessis, at least from this injury.

What kind of strike do you think it was that caused Darren Till to end up with such a gnarly black eye?