Sunday, December 4, 2022

Drunk Woman Arrested For Shadowboxing TV Showing MMA Fight

A woman was arrested at a restaurant in Illinois after partially undressing and apparently shadowboxing a TV showing an MMA fight.

According to the report from Illinois radio station WGIL, an employee at Lenny’s Grill and Subs in Galesburg called the police to report a disturbance on the evening of Thursday, October 6.

The employee described the perpetrator as a short bald woman who was “taking her clothes off and acting crazy,” and the police arrived at the restaurant at around 7:00pm.

Upon arrival the officers encountered the woman facing a wall-mounted TV showing an MMA fight. Wearing only a sports bra after having removed her shirt, the woman was described as trying to “shadow box” along with the combatants on the screen.

The subject is alleged to have been noticeably unsteady on her feet and also smelled of alcohol. Efforts from the officers to communicate with her yielded no coherent results, and any responses provided were considerably slurred.

The woman was eventually placed under arrest after refusing a breath test and was taken to Knox County Jail where she was charged with public intoxication.

Online Users React To Woman’s Arrest

Several users on commented on the story with their thoughts. Reactions ranged from indignation at the woman’s arrest to a local wishing they had been at the restaurant that night.

“wtf is wrong with that?”

“darn I miss everything.”

Perhaps the most poignant comment came from the user Christopher Kent, who posed the question we all should be asking.

“I wonder if she won the fight.”

The 38-year-old woman has not been identified by name, although the report notes that she was already known to local law enforcement for unstated reasons. Disappointingly, the police report also failed to note what MMA fight was playing on the TV and had inspired the woman to begin shadowboxing.

What’s your reaction to this story about a woman drunkenly shadowboxing a TV showing an MMA fight? What fight do you think was being shown on the TV that evening?