Friday, December 2, 2022

Edwards Names Usman Mistake He Won’t Replicate As Champ

UFC Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards is adamant that he won’t let his focus slip away from mixed martial arts whilst he sits on the throne.

At UFC 278, Edwards converted Utah from a state that he’d barely heard of to one that will forever be etched in his personal history. He did that with a single shot that caused one of the greatest upsets that the promotion has ever seen.

Through four rounds in the August 20 headliner, Kamaru Usman appeared to be cruising to a largely comfortable victory on the scorecards, which would have marked his sixth successful title defense.

But with a minute left of the contest, “Rocky” launched a perfectly set up head kick that sent an unconscious “Nigerian Nightmare” to the canvas. With that, Edwards secured a memorable crowning and his place in the history books as only the second fighter from the UK to hold UFC gold.

A few weeks after his triumph in Salt Lake City, Edwards reflected on the result and his newfound championship status.

But whilst a place at the top comes with extra opportunities beyond the steel surroundings of the Octagon, the Jamaican-born Brit is focused on one thing — fighting.

Edwards Looks To Avoid Distractions

During a recent interview with InsideFighting, Edwards was asked whether he’s had any offers from Hollywood — à la Usman in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

After noting that opportunities will no doubt come his way further into his reign, Edwards insisted that he won’t let his focus fall away from his MMA goals, which is something he believes Usman was guilty of.

“Not yet. We ain’t got it yet, but it’s coming,” Edwards said. “My aim right now is to be the best of all time. I want to focus my life, right now, on my career. I’ve got my teams focusing on other parts, but for me, I’m just focused on being the best of all time.

“That is my goal and that is my focus. I am not worried about all these outside things. That’s what Usman did, you know? He got overwhelmed with everything, and it messed him up. I’m just focused on being the best martial artist I can,” Edwards concluded.

Edwards will look to take the next step towards his lofty ambitions by successfully defending his newly won piece of gold for the first time. All necessary parties appear to have green lit a trilogy between “Rocky” and Usman, which appears likely to take place in the UK next year.

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