Monday, December 5, 2022

MMA Fighter Running NYC Marathon To Raise Awareness For Type 1 Diabetes

An MMA fighter and runner will be taking on the NYC marathon for a good cause.

BJ Garceau of Greenbush, Maine is taking her training out of the gym and into the pavement. Garceau is an amateur MMA fighter who is now taking on a new type of battle outside of the cage. Garceau was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes back in 1995 and will now be running the NYC marathon on Nov. 6 to raise money and awareness for the cause.

Garceau has an amateur MMA record of 2-2 and began competing in 2018. Her last bout was in July at NEF 48: Heatwave. These days she is spending more time in running shoes than gloves as she prepares to tackle one of the hardest feats in sports, the NYC marathon.

MMA Fighter BJ Garceau Is Raising Money And Awareness For Beyond Type 1

Garceau is running for the charity called “Beyond Type 1”, which is an organization raising money for research and education about Type 1 diabetes.

“I’m always walking a fine line on it every day. That’s part of the reason why I’m doing these things. I’m trying to show people that no matter how complicated (diabetes) is, you can hit great milestones and do all kinds of amazing stuff. We’re all fighting a fight, and you never have to do it alone,” said Garceau in an interview with WABI 5 News.

To donate money to this cause and support Garceau in her quest to concern the NYC marathon hit the link in her Instagram profile.

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