Thursday, December 8, 2022

Georges St-Pierre To Feature At Paul/Silva Boxing Event

UFC Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre will be a key part of the Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva boxing event this Saturday in Glendale, AZ.

St-Pierre retired from MMA following a win over Michael Bisping at UFC 217. The win added him to the echelon of UFC double champions as he earned the middleweight belt in his return.

Although, St-Pierre may not be fully done with combat sports. He’s teased a return in a novelty/charity exhibition fight in boxing or another combat sports venture.

St-Pierre has also expressed interest in boxing fights and he’ll dip his toes into the sport this weekend as a part of the Showtime pay-per-view broadcast. He’ll serve as the official co-host of the event alongside veteran broadcaster Brian Custer.

Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions announced St-Pierre’s addition to the broadcast earlier this week.

Georges St-Pierre Added To Jake Paul/Anderson Silva Broadcast

Georges St-Pierre

St-Pierre will add to the boxing/MMA crossover of the event. Silva, another UFC Hall of Famer, is looking to give Paul his first professional loss in the boxing ring.

St-Pierre and Silva are two of the most important figures in UFC history. While they were two of the biggest stars in the sport, the two of them were also linked to a potential super fight that didn’t come to fruition.

St-Pierre has since moved on from the possibility of facing Silva in a super fight as both of them are now out of the UFC. However, he’ll likely be able to bring insightful analysis into Silva’s boxing this weekend.

Depending on how this weekend plays out, this could be the first of many post-fighting career broadcasting opportunities for St-Pierre.

What do you think of Georges St-Pierre’s addition to the Jake Paul/Anderson Silva broadcast?