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Watch: GSP Shares Profound Advice With Israel Adesanya

UFC Hall of Famer Georges “Rush” St-Pierre (GSP) has shared some of his wealth of wisdom with championship fraternity member Israel Adesanya.

If you were to poll MMA fans worldwide which UFC fighter, past or present, they would like to get career advice from, it’s fair to say that Georges St-Pierre would more than likely crack the top 10 most cited names. As someone who is at the very top of many’s all-time greatest fighters list, you could do worse than learn from the soft-spoken gentleman who hails from The City of Saints.

Before the greatest fighters in the world reached their lofty status, they, too, were once fans of the sport and could only hope to receive direct advice from some of the best to ever do it. Once the accolades are achieved, that fanhood does not suddenly wash out, and the wisdom from yesterday’s greats is typically welcomed by the greats of today.

One example of this could be found in a recent discussion between two men who are quite conversant in mixed martial arts, Georges St-Pierre and Israel Adesanya.

GSP Gives Adesanya Champion-To-Champion Advice

Georges St Pierre
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GSP is among the highest regarded fighters to ever compete in the sport. As the consensus greatest welterweight champion of all time, any active fighter would be fortunate to intake any pearls from such an accomplished and insightful individual.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, reigning UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya could be found humbly doing just that, gladly consuming the rations of knowledge shared by the Canadian legend.

While St-Pierre is now retired and carefree, he once had to deal with the intense scrutiny that comes with being at the pinnacle of the sport. This includes the pressure of not only being expected to always win, but also being judged on how you do it.

Criticisms of St-Pierre’s fighting style grew during his later bouts in the UFC, something that Adesanya himself is currently dealing with. GSP was able to handle the pressure thrown his way with the grace of a champion. With this experience in tow, St-Pierre was glad to share some advice with the receptive Adesanya over an exquisite dinner.

“Heavy is the crown. Nobody can understand, but it gets worse and it’s more,” St-Pierre shared. “It adds more weight to your shoulders every fight. Every fight is bigger and bigger. The (critics) are worse, and the expectations are more and more and more.

“Keep that fire, man. Because sometimes this adventure can change you from the inside out. And the brain is your center of gravity. You don’t want that to change, man, especially not right now.”

As arguably the greatest fighter of all time, GSP was able to dominate the sport for over a decade. In a universe where Adesanya debuted a few years sooner than he did, perhaps we could have seen GSP and Adesanya as opponents when St-Pierre decided to claim the middleweight championship in 2017. Instead, GSP was able to have his storybook ending by defeating Michael Bisping at UFC 217.

Georges St-Pierre

As for Adesanya, he is well on his way to contending for GOAT status of the middleweight division. “The Last Stylebender” already holds a victory over the consensus middleweight GOAT, Anderson Silva, and he already has five successful title defenses behind him.

Up next, Adesanya will be facing old kickboxing rival Alex Pereira in the main event of UFC 281 in Madison Square Garden, the same arena his dining companion competed for the last time almost five years to the day.

You can view Georges St-Pierre’s discussion with Israel Adesanya below.

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