Wednesday, December 7, 2022

GSP Reveals His Big Changes If He Was ‘King For A Day’ In MMA

Georges St. Pierre is arguably the king of MMA fighters, but if he ruled the sport for a day, he would make some big changes.

With a total of 13 title wins across two divisions, there is a very legitimate case to be made when people refer to GSP as the greatest fighter of all time. Not only did he have an incredible run of welterweight title defenses, amassing the record for the weight class at 9, but he returned from a four-year layoff to defeat Michael Bisping and capture the middleweight title as well.

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If GSP Was King For A Day

With all of these incredible accomplishments, it is easy to forget that at one point, Georges St. Pierre was a part of the failed MMA unionization effort, the Mixed Martial Arts Athlete’s Association, alongside the likes of Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, TJ Dillashaw, and former Bellator President Bjorn Rebney, among others. Considering the fact that he was willing to join these efforts, it is evident that the Canadian legend has some vision of wanting to help out his fellow fighters, which is something he has spoken about numerous times over the years.

So naturally, when asked by Morning Kombat what changes he would make if he were king for a day, GSP had a response that took care of the athletes first and foremost. He said that the big changes he would make would be to increase salaries and provide other benefits akin to a more traditional full-time job.

“The salary. A hundred percent, I would change the salary because I thinks unacceptable, and the conditions (fighter experience) after their career. They’d have insurance, or some kind of backup that they can fall on, if something bad happens,” GSP said.

This is a thoughtful sentiment from Georges St. Pierre, who has long banged the drum of increasing fighter pay. With him being the third man for the faceoffs for Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva, perhaps he will join in on a potential unionization effort between those two men, should their bet come to fruition.

What would you do if you were the MMA king for a day?

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