Thursday, December 8, 2022

Jake Paul & Anderson Silva Agree To Bet For Boxing Match

Jake Paul and UFC legend Anderson Silva have agreed on an intriguing proposition ahead of their boxing match on Saturday.

Paul will look to remain undefeated in the boxing ring against Silva in his next boxing venture. He returns following a nearly one-year hiatus since his win over Tyron Woodley last December.

Paul has been known to make pre-fight bets with his opponents, including most recently with Woodley. He made a bet with Woodley for a tattoo, which he ended up winning and forcing the former UFC champion to get an ‘I Love Jake Paul’ mark.

Paul and Silva have managed to keep things cordial ahead of their clash this weekend. Although, this hasn’t stopped Paul from getting up to his old tricks and putting more on the line than supremacy in the ring.

Paul offered Silva a bet that if he wins, he and Silva will team up to create an MMA fighters association to address fighter pay and other issues. If Silva wins, Paul will face him in a kickboxing match in the future.

Jake Paul Gets Anderson Silva To Agree To A Bet For Boxing Fight

Watch Paul and Silva come to terms with the bet below.

A kickboxing match, on paper, would certainly favor Silva. The former UFC middleweight champion threw nasty leg strikes during his tenure in the Octagon and secured a vicious front kick knockout over Vitor Belfort.

Paul has hinted at a move to MMA down the line and has practiced leg kicks in recent months. He’s allegedly been in talks with a major MMA promotion to fight with them once he opts to make the transition from boxing.

Love him or hate him, Paul has proven himself to be a star at promoting fights, and his latest bet with Silva is another example of that argument.

What is your prediction for Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva?