Monday, November 28, 2022

Jake Paul Claims UFC & Dana White Are Sabotaging Silva Fight

Jake Paul claims Dana White has threatened to take legal action against Paul and his promotion regarding the marketing of the Anderson Silva fight.

Paul will face Silva on Saturday night in Glendale, AZ, in his return to the boxing ring. It is his first boxing fight of 2022 after his knockout of former UFC champion Tyron Woodley last December.

Paul and White have had a contentious relationship over the past nearly two years. He has repeatedly criticized the UFC’s pay model and has called for better benefits for fighters on the roster.

Paul and the UFC have been linked since his knockout of former UFC welterweight Ben Askren last year. He defeated Woodley in back-to-back fights, including the second fight via vicious knockout.

UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou claimed earlier this year that White and the UFC attempted to sue his manager over talks with Paul. Now, White is ramping up legal pressure once again ahead of Paul’s fight with Silva.

Jake Paul Accuses Dana White Of Sending Cease And Desist Letters

Jake Paul, Dana White
Image Credits: Graham Bensinger on YouTube & Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

During a recent media scrum, Paul accused White and the UFC of attempting to prohibit promotional material leading up to the Silva fight.

“The list goes on, and some of it I can’t even speak on, but he’s been sending cease and desist for my content promoting this fight,” Paul said. “Doing things behind the scenes that are really shady. We’re just finding out more and more stuff as the promotion goes on. I’m sure I’ll speak on it more at a later date.”

White’s threats aren’t the only thing on Paul’s legal plate. Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has sued Paul in excess of $100 million for alleged defamatory comments about boxing judge Glenn Feldman.

Paul was then asked why he feels White is so preoccupied with his boxing career and events.

“I think it’s because I’m the number one figurehead that’s exposing his business model and how much of a shark he is, and how poorly he treats his fighters,” Paul said of White. “He said I wouldn’t fight Anderson Silva who is one of the UFC’s greats, and here I am fighting him. He largely in part promoted that. He’s the reason why I took this fight is to prove him wrong and to shut him the hell up.”

Immediately after Paul announced the fight with Silva, he took shots at White, who felt the fight wouldn’t come to fruition. Just hours away from the biggest fight of Paul’s career, White is allegedly attempting to immerse himself into the event’s conversation.

The main focus of the letters potentially deals with Paul’s usage of UFC footage from Silva’s tenure in the Octagon. Silva left the UFC in 2020 following a loss to Uriah Hall.

Paul and White will likely never see eye-to-eye and tensions between the two of them have escalated to legal action.

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