Monday, November 28, 2022

Jake Paul: ‘Dana White Banned Me’ From Attending UFC Events

It is no secret that Dana White is not a fan of Jake Paul, but apparently this has been taken to a new level.

Since making the move to boxing, former Disney channel actor Paul has fired his fair share of shots at White, even going so far as to drop a diss track about the UFC President and dress up as him for Halloween. In return, White has been repeatedly dismissive of the skills of the YouTube boxer and his claims of wanting to improve fighter pay, one of the cornerstones of “The Problem Child’s” attacks on White.

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Jake Paul Was Banned By Dana White

As it turns out, the beef between Jake Paul and Dana White has gotten so serious that the former has been banned from attending UFC events. At least, this is the story that the younger Paul brother told while speaking in a recent episode of his podcast, alongside none other than UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, virtually at least.

According to Paul, he would not be able to attend Adesanya’s UFC 281 title defense against Alex Pereira, because White himself actually banned him from attending UFC events, after he showed up to UFC 261 in Jacksonville, Fl, and got booed by fans and almost brought Daniel Cormier out of retirement. In fact, Jake says that he even had an altercation with the UFC President’s son, who he claims used racial slurs against him.

“I’m banned from UFC events. Dana banned me. Dana banned me after all the yelling and ‘Fuck Jake Paul’ in the stadium. Then I tried to go to another fight and all of our tickets were declined, banned, and then his assistant was like ‘Get the fuck outta here, get the fuck outta here!’ Like, escorted me out of the event,” Paul explained.

“And then Dana White’s son apparently, I didn’t know who it was at the time, was like ‘I fuckin hate you!’ He was, like, drunk off of some shit , wearing some suit, and he was like ‘Fuck you!’ He was using racial slurs against me. Yeah, that was the last event.”

It is certainly not shocking to hear that Jake Paul was banned by Dana White from attending UFC events, given the history they have. However, the comments about White’s son are certainly more unexpected, and it will be interesting to see if the UFC bossman has a response to these remarks.

Are you surprised by these comments from Jake Paul?

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