Sunday, December 4, 2022

Jake Paul Sends Harsh Message To White After Beating Silva

YouTuber turned professional boxer Jake Paul wants to hear what Dana White has to say after defeating Anderson Silva.

Paul defeated the former UFC champion Silva via a unanimous decision on Saturday night. He returned to the boxing ring following a nearly one-year hiatus after his knockout of Tyron Woodley last December.

Paul and White have exchanged hostilities towards one another over the past year. White has repeatedly dismissed his accomplishments in the boxing ring and called for Paul to book himself a higher-level opponent.

White didn’t feel a Paul/Silva fight would come to fruition, which is why Paul called him out shortly after news of the fight’s booking broke earlier this year. After outlasting the UFC legend, Paul is on the attack once again and is looking for White to give his thoughts on the fight.

Jake Paul Gets The Latest Laugh In Dana White Beef

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During his post-fight press conference, Paul called out White following the win over Silva.

“Dana? Dana? Dana? Bro, you said I wouldn’t do this… And I did it!” Paul said. “And with flying colors. But, you know, he’s in hiding. You know, he’s trying to do everything he can to stop my run, to sabotage my fights. He hates me. He hates what I’m doing. He hates that I am exposing his business. Now, you know, we’re going to band together and create a United Fighters Association to help UFC fighters… All MMA fighters and boxers. To get more fighter pay and long-term healthcare. That’s a big, big undertaking that I’ve been wanting to do for the whole entire time of my career.”

Paul has long called for White and the UFC to increase fighter pay and enhance benefits for the roster. He and Silva will come together to make a fighter’s union after agreeing to a pre-fight bet.

Leading up to the Silva fight, Paul accused White and the UFC of attempting to sabotage the event. He alleged that White had sent him and his promotion ‘cease and desist’ letters after using UFC footage in advertising.

Paul is also allegedly banned from attending UFC events, although White hasn’t confirmed whether or not this is true. He attended UFC 261 last year in Jacksonville, FL, and was met with a sea of boos from the crowd.

In light of the biggest win of his boxing career, Paul isn’t letting White off the hook for his past comments, and tensions between the two sides continue to boil.

What do you think about the Jake Paul/Dana White beef?

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