Monday, December 5, 2022

Jake Paul Shares Why He Respects MMA Fighters Over Boxers

Jake Paul holds MMA fighters in higher regard than he does professional boxers after recently canceled fights with Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr.

Paul will face UFC legend Anderson Silva in his next boxing match tonight. He’s aiming to remain unbeaten in the ring after recent wins over former UFC champion Tyron Woodley and former Bellator champion Ben Askren.

Paul has been vocal in support of MMA fighters’ rights and is in tune with various issues in the sport. He also believes MMA fighters are tougher competition than actual boxers in the ring.

It took months for Paul to make his boxing return after recent fights fell through. He was supposed to face Fury in a grudge match in August before travel issues prevented Fury from making it to the fight.

Rahman replaced Fury, who then allegedly forced the cancelation of the event after attempting last-second negotiations and missing weight. Paul will now face Silva in arguably the toughest test of his young boxing career.

After recent drama with professional boxers, Paul has greater respect for MMA fighters than ever before.

Jake Paul Feels MMA Fighters Have More Heart Than Boxers

After the second pre-fight press conference featuring him and Silva, Paul spoke with media and explained why he respects MMA fighters more than boxers.

“I think these MMA guys have bigger balls, and that’s just proven because they’ve gotten in the ring with me every single time,” Paul said. “Tyron Woodley got in the ring with me on short notice, so they’re down. They’re about that action and that’s the kind of mentality that I have and that I want to bring to the ring. I’m not scared of anyone, not afraid to back down from any challenge.

“A lot of these boxers, they’re just ducking people, and that’s why you don’t see the biggest fights in boxing happen because they’re scared of losing that ‘0’. In MMA, it’s more common to lose and go get another chance and make a run back at the title. In boxing if you lose, it’s very frowned upon, so I think people are more protective of their opponents and protecting themselves from losing.”

Paul has been the target of criticism for not facing any professional boxers in the boxing ring. While Silva is technically a professional boxer, he’s just a few fights into his career after a legendary run in the UFC.

Paul has hinted at potentially making the move to MMA, as evidenced by recent training footage of him practicing leg kicks. In the meantime, he’ll likely continue to face MMA fighters in the ring, against the delight of his detractors.

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