Monday, November 28, 2022

Jon Anik Lends His Prediction For Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva

Jon Anik has made his pick for the upcoming boxing match between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva.

There is an interesting boxing match that has just been announced. Jake Paul will be taking on former UFC champion Anderson Silva in October. This fight fits right in with Paul’s strategy as a boxer. He has made his name by fighting and defeating form UFC fighters.

Now with Silva as his next opponent, some people think that he may have finally met his match. One man who is rooting for Silva is UFC analyst Jon Anik.

Jon Anik Breaks Down The Upcoming Boxing Match Between Jake Paul And Anderson Silva

Anik was a guest on UFC bantamweight Sean O’Malley’s podcast, where he was asked to discuss the Paul vs. Silva Fight. Anik did his best to break it al down.

“You know, (it’s) interesting at 185 pounds, right? Because that is a factor. Certainly, that’s something that Jake Paul wants to have happen, to have Anderson cut down to 185. So depending on where the price was, I would probably want to see, lead up and fight week but Anderson Silva all day,” Anik said. “I think my heart though, wants that results so much that I would have to be on the other side.

“Like when Jake Paul fought Tyron Woodley, I had to be on the Paul side because my heart was so invested with Tyron Woodley, that if my wallet has also invested it’s like getting kicked in the d-ck twice. So I think Anderson Silva beats him, but I don’t think it’s going to be a walk over that’s for sure.”

Anderson Silva, Jake Paul
Image Credits: Dave Mandel/Sherdog & Ryan Hattaway

Anik is one of the best in the world at calling fights. He can often be seen cageside at UFC events and does a great amount of studying for his role as a commentator and has an eye when it comes to breaking down fights.

So far, Paul has been able to defeat every UFC fighter he was faced, including former champion Tyron Woodley, who he knocked out, but Anik thinks Silva can be the hero to the MMA community looking for Paul to fail.

“I really think it’s interesting. The extent to which Jake Paul has to lean into MMA and retired UFC fighters to move his needle now,” Anik said. “Obviously the UFC cuts my check and I like Jake Paul, I’ve been a supporter from day one, but it does seem to me like he really needs that high-profile MMA name to really swing the pay-per-View pendulum. I do find it interesting and eventually, one of these guys in our sport, we love to such an extent, is going to break through and it’s going to be pretty exciting.”

Paul vs. Silva is slated for Oct. 29 in Phoenix Arizona. This will be the fifth professional boxing bout for Silva, who has now won three in a row. Paul will be making his sixth walk to the ring and has not lost yet as a professional.

Do you think Anderson Silva will be the one to beat Jake Paul?