Monday, November 28, 2022

Masvidal: “Borderline Vegetable” Diaz Shouldn’t Be In Big Leagues

It looks like Nate Diaz is done fighting in the UFC, and Jorge Masvidal believes this decision came at the right time.

In spite of a history that has seen them fight each other in the Octagon, it has always seemed like Masvidal and Diaz have largely had respect for one another, save for the occasional spat for fun.

In the time since their clash for the BMF title, Gamebred would go on to challenge for the welterweight strap on two occasions, while Diaz was far less active, only fighting two more times before seemingly parting ways with the UFC on the back of a win over Tony Ferguson.

Jorge Masvidal Thinks Nate Diaz Is Old

Jorge Masvidal amp Nate Diaz
Jorge Masvidal & Nate Diaz (Photo: Sarah Stier/USA TODAY Sports)

Oddly enough, it appears that the respect between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz has started to slip away after Diaz’s parting with the UFC. At least that seems to be the case for the Miami native.

Speaking in a recent interview, Masvidal gave his thoughts on Diaz leaving the promotion, saying that he did so at the right time. He believes Diaz is a shell of his former self and too old to be fighting in the sport’s premier promotion.

“It’s good for him to leave the big leagues before he gets serious brain damage. I think the guy’s, like, borderline vegetable, you know?” Masvidal said. “His interviews, his spunk-ness, his wittiness and sharpness has gone to shit. Like, you have to wait for him. The pause has gotten longer. You used to ask him a question, there’d be a two-second pause, now it’s a 30-second pause now.

“It’s good for him man,” Masvidal added. “He shouldn’t be in the big leagues, man. He’s going to get hurt, man. Take that old-ass dude somewhere else. Plus, I almost killed his ass and the referee saved him. I don’t really like him too much.”

Considering the fact that Jorge Masvidal is the same age as Nate Diaz, it is somewhat ironic to hear him talk about how old Stockton’s favorite younger brother is. Of course, fight mileage ages each person differently, and considering the wars he had over the course of his 15 years and 27 fights in the UFC, Diaz likely has limited tread remaining on his tires.

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