Sunday, December 4, 2022

José Aldo Says A Simple Text From White Helped Save Son’s Life

José Aldo and his wife recently welcomed a child into the world, and it might’ve not happened had it not been for Dana White.

Aldo retired from MMA following a long career in the cage. The ‘King of Rio’ is regarded as one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time after a once-dominant reign as the UFC’s featherweight champion.

Aldo is still a prominent presence in the sport and has hinted at a move to boxing for his next combat sports challenge. He’s also spending extra time with his family after opting to hang up the MMA gloves for good.

A recent addition to Aldo’s family might’ve ended tragically had it not been for a conversation between White and Aldo when he requested his UFC release.

José Aldo Explains Close Relationship With UFC President Dana White

During a recent interview with MMA Fighting’s Trocação Franca podcast, Aldo explained what happened during a text conversation with White.

“A friend of mine was looking into some boxing things for me and said I needed to prepare a statement saying he could consult the UFC,” Aldo said. “I did that and texted Dana on Thursday, and Dana wrote me back thanking me for everything, saying the UFC was always open for me, the [Performance Institute] and everything I needed. He has great affection for me and my family, he was always very close to us.

“After that emotional message – it wasn’t a boss talking to his employee, it was two people that like each other –, I showed it to [my wife] Vivianne. She was still pregnant at the time and got emotional, her blood pressure went up and we had to go to the hospital. She [went back for some tests and] was admitted to the hospital on Friday. She had preeclampsia and [the blood pressure] went up after Dana’s message.”

Aldo then explained how his wife’s emotional reaction forced doctors to perform a premature birth just 36 weeks into the pregnancy, which ended up being the right move and saved him from a possible fatal issue.

“The actual birth was really crazy,” Aldo said. “It looked like everything would go wrong. He was born with a true knot [in his umbilical cord], and if we had waited two more weeks, I wouldn’t be at home with little Aldo here.”

“I will never stand against someone like that,” Aldo continued. “Even unintentionally, he’s always helped me in my life. I get emotional talking about it. Not that I owe him my son’s life, but it was after his message that got Vivianne emotional, her blood pressure going up, and we taking her to the hospital. He was born with all odds against him, but thanks to Dana… God always puts good people in our lives to help us.”

White and Aldo have been close since the UFC merged with the WEC, promoting Aldo to the title of UFC featherweight champion. What resulted was seven successful title defenses against the likes of Frankie Edgar, Chad Mendes, and ‘The Korean Zombie’.

While White has had a complicated relationship with some of his fighters in the past, his relationship with Aldo is one rarely seen across fighting.

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