Friday, December 2, 2022

Leah McCourt Shares Creeps Messages: “I’ll Buy Dirty Socks”

Leah McCourt, the Bellator Irish featherweight contender, has shared some of her weirder “fan” messages, including a request to buy dirty clothing articles.

The 7-2 grappling ace has attracted many admirers, both inside and outside the cage. This has led to Leah McCourt having her attention sought by a wide array of internet folks. While most are innocent well-wishers, some want more than just acknowledgment, they want socks…unwashed socks to be precise.

She appeared on the Whiskey and White podcast, talking to the hosts about the subject of the internet’s horniest ghouls making their way into her inbox. Leah McCourt scrolled through her phone as a means to prove her point. (h/t Irish Mirror)

“I get loads of messages saying, ‘Can I pay you, can I send you money on my PayPal? There are literally just hundreds and hundreds of weirdos. Then some of them send videos but I’ve never opened any of them.”

Leah McCourt is probably wise to leave those videos unopened if the requests she receives are anything to go by.

“There are so many mental people. You start to realize how many people are off their heads. Look at this one, he wants to send me money.’ I’ll even buy photos of your dirty socks goddess. I’ll buy feet pics right now. Can I be your pay-pig?”

Leah McCourt

The SBG Charlestown fighter McCourt listed off a pair of her favorites for the hosts of the show:

“‘I’ll buy your used socks. You should make me a wishlist for Piggy to buy you things.’

“‘Use me like a human ATM. Put payment amount and I’ll send it goddess.'”

Leah McCourt is currently without a fight, having won her last bout against Dayanna Silva via decision. Now ranked 10th in the division, the fighter looks to put her loss to Sinead Kavanagh firmly in the rear-view mirror and head back towards title contention.

What are your thoughts on these messages that Leah McCourt receives?