Tuesday, November 29, 2022

MMA Fighter/Coach Is Helping His Community Stay Sober

An MMA fighter and coach in Truckee, California, Jordan Brandt is doing his part in helping his community battle addiction.

Jordan Brandt is an MMA fighter and coach looking to make a difference in his local community. After battling with addiction, Brandt realized that there was not enough help and resources in his area of California. Instead of just sitting around and accepting this fact, Brandt is taking action.

Brandt is setting up sober housing in his area. The facility is currently in the planning stages and will be called Crow’s Nest Ranch. There is a GoFundMe set up for Crow’s Nest Ranch, Sober Living Truckee where he is hoping to raise $100,000 to start this project.

“Crow’s Nest Ranch (The Ranch) will offer a positive atmosphere to build a solid foundation that helps recovering addicts transition to society and lead happy lives,” says the GoFundMe page. “The house will provide a clean, safe, and supportive community where residents adapt to sober life through structured chores, meetings, sports and shared activities. The Ranch will encourage residents to use food with physical and spiritual activities to fuel their bodies and minds while having access to one of the world’s most beautiful playgrounds, the Tahoe National Forest.”

sierrasun.com- Jordan Brandt

The Crow Nest Ranch Project Will Focus On Physical Activities To Replace Substance Abuse

The total cost of the project will be $3 million. That will include buying the property and starting the business.

“The Ranch will focus on replacing drug and alcohol-induced ‘adrenaline’ with healthy living endorphins while assisting with re-entry to society with a quiet place to call home. Living here, residents will have access to a world-renowned gym, healthy home cooking courses, multiple guided adventure outings, vocational training, and assistance to obtain full-time employment.”

The residents will be required to be drug and alcohol-free. They will be drug tested and required to be employed or enrolled in an education program.

If anyone is interested in helping raise the money needed to begin this project, they can visit the Crow’s Nest Ranch GoFundMe page.

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