Thursday, December 8, 2022

Masvidal Claps Back At Fans Saying He Doesn’t Deserve Title Shot

Jorge Masvidal is after a title fight with Leon Edwards and does not care about your thoughts on merits.

Masvidal has had one of the most unique careers in MMA, having a long resume in the sport before bursting into the spotlight with a record-setting knockout and one-of-a-kind BMF title fight, and eventually earning two shots at then-welterweight champ Kamaru Usman. Ultimately, he would lose both contests, as well as his rebound grudge match with friend turned rival Colby Covington, not having fought since that March contest.

Jorge Masvidal Responds To Fans

While Jorge Masvidal is on a three-fight skid, he has been banging the drum to earn another shot at UFC gold, now that Leon Edwards knocked out Usman to capture the belt. His main reasoning behind this is the fact that he and Edwards never settled the score from their infamous backstage brawl that essentially kicked off Gamebred’s rise to fame.

Some people are pushing back on this notion, saying that Masvidal needs to get back in the win column before getting a third title shot. Speaking in a recent interview, he fired back at those people, clearly unwavering in spite of their opinions.

“For starters, everybody has an opinion and everybody’s entitled to it. So if people think I deserve it or not, awesome man, I don’t take nothing to heart. I definitely feel I deserve it… Just from the money side, we definitely deserve it. Just from the fan side, we definitely deserve it. Who doesn’t want to see me fight Leon? They might say I don’t deserve it, but they’ll still raise their hand in the dark and quiet, and be like, ‘I wanna see that fight and I’m actually going to pay my hard-earned money to go see that fight.’ So I don’t agree with that,” Masvidal said.

Not only that, but Masvidal doubled down on his intentions to get a fight with Edwards, citing the many lengths the Englishman had previously gone to try getting a fight with him. Now, he tells Edwards to keep that same energy and fight him in the UK.

“If I didn’t deserve it, and the fans didn’t want it, why is it that every time I talk to reporters or anybody, they’re always talking about this? Why aren’t they talking about anything else? They’re always talking about me against Leon in England. Leon, fucking step up to the plate, bro. You begged, and cried, and did all this bullshit before when I was fighting for the titles. Now you’ve got the belt. Let’s go.”

Whether or not Jorge Masvidal ultimately gets his way is still to be seen. However it has been reported that the UFC is working on a rematch between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman, so it does not appear he will get what he wants in the immediate future.

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