Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Masvidal: Edwards/Usman 2 Ending Was Like A Vision From God

Jorge Masvidal thinks he had a pretty good idea about the crazy Leon Edwards vs Kamaru Usman finish.

Given the way that Usman dispatched of every UFC opponent placed in front of him, including Masvidal twice, not many people expected to see Edwards score a knockout win in their rematch at UFC 278.

Nevertheless, after losing the vast majority of the fight, that is exactly what happened, with Edward scoring one of the biggest come-from-behind victories in MMA history with a head-kick knockout at the last minute.

Jorge Masvidal Called Usman vs Edwards 2

While most people did not see the outcome of Kamaru Usman vs Leon Edwards 2 coming, Jorge Masvidal claims that he did. In fact, he believes he may have been blessed by a higher power to know the outcome of the fight.

Speaking in a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Masvidal cited two different occasions where he claims he called the outcome of the fight perfectly. He believes that it was almost as if he was visited in a dream by God, only with the intent for him to know the outcome of a welterweight title fight.

“I literally called it right on the head, the whole fight. Two weeks before, and like a month before, I got asked what I think was going to happen. You can go back to that interview, and I called it fight for fight. I said, ‘This is what’s gonna happen, but if Leon wins, it’s by this,’ and literally it happens. The way I said it in those interviews, it was like God told it to me in my dreams,” Masvidal said.

It should be noted that while what Jorge Masvidal is saying may be true, there were certainly other occassions where he picked Usman to beat Edwards. Regardless, the BMF champ is now gunning for a rematch with the new champ Edwards after their unofficial fight backstage in 2019.

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