Thursday, December 8, 2022

Hooters Waitress/MMA Fighter Counters “Creeps” Who Recorded Staff

MMA fighter/Hooters waitress Lydia P Warren turned the tables on guys taking pictures of her co-workers.

A couple of rude men in a Hooters restaurant chose the wrong waitress to mess with when they had a run-in with Lydia P Warren and company. Warren is a professional MMA fighter who also works at Hooters and decided to exact some revenge on two men who were bothering her and her co-workers.

Two men in an unspecified Hooters began to bother the waitstaff by allegedly taking pictures without permission. Instead of standing by and doing nothing, Warren grabbed her camera and flipped the switch on the men.

Lydia P Warren Took Action On Two Men Who Were Making Her Feel Uncomfortable

Warren began to take a video of the men and posted it on her Tik Tok page. She was hoping to make the men feel as uncomfortable as she and her coworkers had felt.

“This guy wants to come into Hooters and just take pictures of girls without asking,” she said via New York Post. “So, I’m [going to] make you feel uncomfortable, too.”

Warren was met with approval and sympathy on Tik Tok. Many people who claimed to be in similar situations in the past praised her for turning the camera on these men.

“So now we’re all uncomfortable,” Warren said. “My flash is on. We’re all uncomfortable now, huh?.”

Warren is also an MMA fighter with a 1-0 professional record. She made her professional debut at iKON FC 3 in June.

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