Monday, December 5, 2022

MMA Fighter Jeff Monson Fears Getting Drafted In Russian War

Former MMA fighter Jeff Monson doesn’t want the Russia/Ukraine war to escalate to the point where he could be drafted to serve.

Monson, who became a Russian citizen in 2018, has been a supporter of the Russian government for years. He has been critical of Ukranian leadership and has called for Russia’s victory in the ongoing war in the region.

Monson has recently claimed that Russia isn’t interested in occupying Ukraine and that ridding the country of fascism was the main reason for the conflict. He is also working on a documentary about a small region in eastern Ukraine that was annexed by Russia.

As the Russia/Ukraine war continues to ramp up, Monson feels he may be called upon to fight in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s army.

Jeff Monson Hopes Russia/Ukraine Conflict Resolved Before Possible Draft

During a recent interview with Russian news source Metaratings, Monson addressed the ongoing crisis.

“I hope I don’t get drafted,” Monson said. “I think everyone hopes that he will not be called up. I want Russia to win this confrontation as quickly as possible.

“I love this country. It has done a lot for me. This is my home, the home of my children, my wife. If we all live here and say: “No”, then who will protect the country? But if they call me, I will go.” (h/t Bloody Elbow)

Monson last competed in MMA in a draw at Arta MMA against Nikolai Savilov in 2017. His last victory came against Alex Kardo in 2016 and he finished his professional career with a 61-26-2 record.

Monson isn’t the only current or former combat sports athlete who has been involved in the war. A Ukrainian boxer, Oleg Prudky, passed away while fighting for his country on the frontlines against the Russian forces back in May.

Another MMA fighter, Marif Piraev, was called to serve in the Russian army last month before fleeing the country. He fled to Georgia shortly after the summoning.

We’ll continue to bring you the latest on MMA fighters involved in the Russia/Ukraine war and Monson’s potential drafting.

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