Monday, November 28, 2022

MMA Fighter Leaves 4 Police Officers Badly Injured In Brutal Attack

An Argentine MMA fighter left multiple police officers and one cellmate requiring medical attention after a vicious attack.

The incident took place in Berisso, a city and the head town of the partido of Berisso in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. In one of the region’s police stations, mixed martial arts practitioner Pablo Ariel Pombo was being held, reportedly for the “illegitimate deprivation of liberty and threats aggravated by the use of weapons.”

Per, the 27-year-old got into an altercation with an inmate last Saturday. The MMA fighter is said to have begun the exchange with shouts before seeking to turn things physical.

Witnesses stated that when police officers arrived at the cell, Pombo began repeatedly striking his head against his concrete bed. After attempts to stop him from inflicting further damage on himself, he began a brutal assault on multiple officers.

MMA Fighter Uses Bites & Headbutts In Ferocious Attack

When officers tried to intervene, Pombo began a crazed attack, throwing punches and kicks toward them. Witnesses further revealed that the MMA fighter first struck one on the knee before biting the nipple of another, clearly doing away with any moves he’d have picked up in the MMA gym.

A third officer was the victim of a headbutt, while a fourth suffered injuries to their hand. Pombo’s assaults came while he sported a severe cut on his head following the blows he delivered to the edge of his bed.

Once the MMA fighter was finally subdued, all injured parties were treated by the Emergency Medical Attention Service (SAME) and transported to a hospital. That includes the four police officers and the injured inmate.

As a result of the incident, Pombo has had charges of attack and resistance to authority, plus aggravated injuries and damages added to his record.

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