Tuesday, November 29, 2022

MMA Fighter Returns Home Following Traumatic Brain Injury

An MMA fighter has finally returned home after a long period in the hospital due to a serious brain injury caused by a car accident.

According to the report from 23ABC News, Matthew Freels was driving back from an MMA event late at night in March. The MMA fighter was attempting to get back home in order to attend a wedding the next day, but he ended up falling asleep at the wheel while driving through Visalia, CA and crashed his vehicle.

It took almost 13 hours for Freels’ family to find out about the accident due to his identification being lost during the crash, and he ended up spending nearly seven months in the hospital.

Freels Finally Returns Home

Although it’s been a long road to recovery and Freels was nearly comatose following the accident, he’s made noticeable improvements and has returned to his home in Bakersfield.

His condition has improved considerably over the last seven months, to the point where the MMA fighter can comfortably hold conversations again and stand up as well as walk with assistance.

Despite some ongoing issues with his memory, Freels’ friends and family say he’s in good spirits and continues to seem more like himself with each passing day.

You can support Freels in his recovery process by donating to his Meal Train, which helps to provide meals for the MMA fighter and his caretakers.

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