Thursday, December 8, 2022

MMA News’ Top 10 Finishes Of The Week (10/23 – 10/29)

Welcome to this week’s edition of MMA News’ Top 10 Finishes of the week! Every week there’s highlight-reel finishes all across the MMA world, and we’ve found some of the absolute best ones to showcase.

Last week got off to a fast start with RIZIN and the return of Road to the UFC, but some notable finishes from those events didn’t quite make the cut for the Top 10 once the week’s action had wrapped up. The surprise contributor for this edition ended up being Colombian promotion MatchMaker MMA with a total of three entries. Austria’s Cage Fight Series and UFC Vegas 63 added a pair of finishes each, while highlights from Brazil and Mexico fill the remaining slots on this week’s Top 10.

#10: Marcos Matos Brings The Thunder

Marcos Matos showed off some classic heavyweight power in his bout with Gustavo Mota at Thunder Fight 38 in Brazil.

“Detona Ralph” jabbed his countryman to the fence before launching a right hand that sent Mota falling back to the canvas.

#9: Steve Martinez Gets Wild

Steven Martinez did his best to convince Luis Enrique Pobre to throw down with him at MatchMaker MMA 3.

The featherweight walked forward on his Colombian countryman before throwing up a head kick for the second-round victory.

#8: Roman Dolidze Shows No Mercy

Roman Dolidze severely compromised Phil Hawes’ knee with a leg lock attempt at UFC Vegas 63 before using his striking to finish things off.

The 34-year-old backed Hawes to the fence before unleashing a barrage of huge punches that ended things with just under a minute left in the first round.

#7: Luis Elias Turns Up The Volume

Luis Elias picked up his second pro victory just over a minute into his flyweight fight with Brandon Uruchurtu at UWC 39 in Mexico.

The Peruvian avoided a kick from Uruchurtu before landing his own head kick that was audible throughout the arena.

#6: Tomasz Łangowski Slips And Counters

Tomasz Łangowski only needed 20 seconds to stop Alef Carlos Silva in their welterweight bout at Cage Fight Series 12 in Austria.

“Mad Dog” absorbed a few initial strikes before flooring the Brazilian with a counter left hook after slipping away from a jab.

#5: Gabriel Pereira Stands His Ground

Gabriel Pereira showed off some slick counter striking in his win over Emmanuel Travassos at Shooto Brasil 111.

Travassos looked to be the more aggressive fighter early before running into a left hand from Pereira that ended things in less than a minute.

#4: Nicolas Bojacá Tries Everything

Nicolas Bojacá used a dynamic sequence of strikes to stop Anyisson Gaviria at MatchMaker MMA 3.

“Nico” followed his superman punch up with a head kick and a couple brutal hammer firsts on the ground to improve his record to 2-0.

#3: Tresean Gore’s First UFC Win

Treaean Gore managed to snap an 0-2 start to his UFC career with one of the most violent submissions you’ll ever see at UFC Vegas 63.

Josh Fremd shot for a takedown early in the second round but found his neck wrapped up by Gore, who cranked on the choke until Fremd fell unconcious.

#2: Nicolas Paez Spoils A Debut

On a MatchMaker MMA 3 card that had plenty of impressive finishes, Nicolas Paez’s win over Miguel Salgado was especially violent.

The bantamweight rocked the debuting Salgado with punches early in their fight before getting head control to land a massive knee.

#1: Tudor Dermenji Goes On The Offensive

Tudor Dermenji handed Bogdan Grad just his second pro loss with a sensational victory in the main event of Cage Fight Series 22.

The 30-year-old appeared to be struggling in the second round but decided to back Grad up with punches before unleashing a spinning wheel kick to end the bout.

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