Monday, November 28, 2022

Muhammad Mokaev Plans To Have A Short MMA Career

UFC flyweight Muhammad Mokaev is not in this game for the long haul.

There is a young up-and-comer in the UFC who could send the flyweight division on its head. Muhammad Mokaev is on an eight-fight winning streak as a professional and seems to have the skills to take his career all the way to the top. It is not only Mokaev’s professional career that is soaring; his personal life is blooming as well.

As Mokaev prepares for his next UFC bout at UFC 280 against Malcolm Gordon, he spoke to the media about his plans for the future. He explained that he and his wife just welcomed a child and that has gotten him looking forward and setting a plan for his time in the UFC.

“Really, I imagined this,” Mokaev said to The National News. “When I got married, I imagined I’d have a baby soon and what should I do next. I already built plans for the future; even before we had the baby I was thinking where we’re going to live, what’s next step, what camp am I going to do after this fight. I will pay a lot of attention to my career because this is so important. I want my kids to grow up having everything. I don’t want my family going through the same struggles I’ve seen. So I want to push these next two years, stay active. And then I will enjoy life more.”

Muhammad Mokaev

Muhammad Mokaev Is Not Willing To Let His UFC Career Run Too Long

Mokaev came into the UFC earlier this year and has already locked up two wins. His first promotional win was a first-round submission win over Cody Durden at UFC London in March. He later returned to London again for a unanimous decision victory over Charles Johnson. Now he will be heading to Abu Dhabi to fight on the biggest card of the year and looking to continue his rise up the rankings.

“I think it’ll be a short career, but most success in MMA history,” he said. “I started at a good age, not too early, not too late, age of 15. I already have good time banked in my sports career.”

At the moment, Mokaev is unranked in the 125-pound division but that can all change quickly. He has made himself a recognizable fighter and people are paying attention. With a great win at UFC 280, he could find himself in the top 15 and in line for a ranked opponent in his next outing.

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