Thursday, December 1, 2022

O’Neill Touts New 17-Year-Old UFC Fighter: ‘He Kicks My Ass’

Casey O’Neill, the Scottish-Australian flyweight contender, has given the proverbial thumbs up to the UFC‘s record-setting 17-year-old Raul Rosas Jr.

O’Neill can sympathize with the UFC’s latest wonderkid. She too was part of an influx of young talent that heralded a new dawn of fighters, better than their predecessors at a compatible age. She joined The AllStar for their UFC Vegas 61 reaction show.

“I mean, it’s crazy, right? They just keep getting younger and younger.” Exclaimed fighter O’Neill. “When I got signed, everyone was like, ‘Oh, she’s young,’ and then there was Chase Hooper and Maycee Barber got signed really young, and Erin Blanchfield. It just shows how popular the sport is becoming, and people must be putting their kids in super young”.

O’Neill Says Rosas Jr Kicked Her A**

O’Neill, who has previously trained with Rosas Jr in Las Vegas, has told of how both he and his brother are terrors on the mat. This is high praise coming from O’Neill. The undefeated starlet has managed to tangle with the likes of Antonia Shevchenko and Roxanne Modafferi, coming out on top in each.

Even at 17 years old, O’Neill has received many, of what we would politely call, rough grappling sessions out of Rosas Jr.

Casey O'Neill
Image Credit: UFC on YouTube

“I do know Raul and their family. They train at the same place as me in Las Vegas. Let’s just say that kid and his brother both kicked my ass completely on the ground. They just are amazing. I can’t believe how good they are for their age. It’s insane.”

Rosas Jr wasn’t signed as some gimmick either, he earned it. Competing against Mando Gutierrez, who was eight years his senior, he looked dominant and composed. The bantamweight prospect has told of how his only aim is the title, nothing less.

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