Sunday, November 27, 2022

Paddy Pimblett Has An Explicit Message For His Haters

Paddy Pimblett has an explicit message for his haters. Appearing on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson last month, Pimblett addressed those who pray for the Scouser’s downfall.

Paddy Pimblett Says Weight Gain Isn’t A Celebration

Pimblett, who became an overnight sensation after arriving in the UFC last September, securing a $100k Barstool Sports contract, has seemingly made as many enemies as he has fans. Pimblett was quick to correct Steveo calling his post-fight weight gain a celebration, claiming it’s just who he is.

“I don’t celebrate it… I just laugh at people who try and say something about me because I don’t care. A random person on the internet, what they’ve got to say isn’t going to change my life.”

Pimblett has faced criticism from fighter and fan alike regarding his post-fight weight gain. Many have pointed out that these 50lb fluctuations are a fast-track to diabetes. However, the 27 year old hit back in July after making weight, accusing the haters of fat shaming him. Pimblett also expressed his frustration that reporters are asking Dana White about his weight, even at events that he is thousands of miles away from.

“Are there not more shit you need to ask Dana going on in the world than my weight? It’s getting fucking old now, lad!”

Paddy Pimblett Has An Explicit Message For The Haters

However, despite the hate he receives, which has led to him being banned from Instagram and Twitter repeatedly, Pimblett maintains that he is a good guy who simply tries to use his platform for good.

“I just try and help. I think people who have got the sort of following that we’ve got should help. Give back a bit. It’s just nice to be nice. What you see is what you get.

“People always ask, is it an act? Is it an act? No, do you think I’d be able to keep up an act like this?… I don’t like the Colby Covingtons of the world. It’s not me… I’m unapologetically myself. If you don’t like me, fuck off.”

For his next fight, Paddy Pimblett is scheduled to be facing Jared Gordon at UFC 282 on December 10.

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