Monday, December 5, 2022

Sam Alvey Bemoans The “Fighter Safety” Era Of MMA

Recently cut former UFC fighter Sam Alvey has penned an article talking about the thing He would change about refereeing in the sport of MMA.

Sam Alvey hadn’t won in 9 fights, or four years when released from the UFC roster. Known for his willingness to step up whenever he was needed, Alvey established himself as a favorite of UFC boss Dana White.

Following the release, it looks as though “Smile’n” Sam Alvey has turned his attention to a bit of writing to fill the void. He looks back on what might have been had the referees in some of his fights been more willing to let bouts continue. According to Sam Alvey, there is an epidemic of early stoppages in the organization.

“There is nothing in this world I hate more than early stoppages. They happen now far more often than they used to, in a UFC that is obsessed with ‘fighter safety.’ Fans are being denied the awesome sporting spectacle of that epic comeback from a fighter teetering on the brink. Those fighters are being robbed of their paychecks and left to wonder what might have been.”

MMA UFC Crute vs Alvey
Photos by Jasmin Frank, USA TODAY Sports

The Team Quest brawler feels he himself has been subject to a few early stoppages, according to himself at least. He gives a few examples, such as Barry vs Kongo and Shogun vs Henderson 1 on why fights should be allowed to continue.

“I should know because it’s happened to me – twice. We spend too many hours bleeding in the gym, training for what should be done if we get hurt, how to recover, just to have a ref looking for a reason to end it.”

An example of his own fight was when he faced Antonio Nogueria, or “Little Nog.” Sam Alvey explains how the bout was stopped as he went for a takedown, following getting rocked by the Brazilian. Alvey wants to see bouts get let go a bit longer, fighter safety be damned.

Do you agree with Sam Alvey on this one?