Thursday, December 1, 2022

Sam Alvey: Jake Paul Wouldn’t Spar Me After Seeing Me Box Logan

Longtime UFC fixture Sam Alvey says Jake Paul refused to box him after seeing him go a couple of rounds with Logan Paul.

The recently cut Alvey is currently without a promotion. On a losing streak of eight before finally receiving his marching orders, Sam Alvey was one of the promotion’s longest-tenured fighters.

To have maintained his seemingly untenable position for what was a baffling amount of time, it can be assumed he is a favorite of the UFC brass. This is due to his anytime, anyplace attitude that has seen him save many fights by being pulled on short notice. Taking time off to bulk up and recover, he recalled boxing Logan Paul in an interview with Talkin’ MMA.

Jake Paul All Talk?

Logan Paul, Jake Paul

When asked about Jake Paul and his brother Logan, Alvey was uninspired by the pair.

“No, they’re garbage. Very athletic, at least Logan. I didn’t get to spar with Jake Paul. And you can tell they both used to be high school wrestling champions or state champions, I think. Like, you can see Logan Paul in the WWE, very athletic.”

Regardless of any athleticism they possess, Alvey was lukewarm at best on their actual fighting abilities. Jake Paul was, according to Alvey, unwilling to spar after seeing him deal with Logan so easily.

“Logan seemed like a nice guy. Jake Paul didn’t want to spar with me after he saw me with Logan. I was being super nice to him. I mean I was the experienced guy, he was the YouTube guy.”

Giving an assessment overall, Sam Alvey continued:

“They didn’t get tired, at least while we were training. They were throwing with a lot of oomph and all that. But there was no footwork, there was no real strategy behind it. That was a long time ago also. This was five or six years ago, so I’m sure they have gotten better since then. But at the time, it was easy work for me.”

While Logan hasn’t made as much of a foray into combat sports, choosing the previously spoken of WWE route that Sam Alvey himself longs for, Jake Paul is another deal entirely. Beating Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley twice, he is now firmly embedded in boxing. He takes on Anderson Silva on Saturday 29th of October in his biggest test to date.

Who wins in a boxing contest, Jake Paul or Sam Alvey?

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