Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Sean Strickland Goes Nuclear in ”Soft Americans” Rant

Sean Strickland, the hard-nosed oddity has attacked the soft nature of the average American today in a rant of epic proportions.

The middleweight martial artist joined alleged comedian Brendan Schaub on his Food Truck Diaries show to discuss many current events. Strickland, an ever-unapologetic pessimist, took aim at the country that resides beneath the stars and stripes.

“The thing about fighting these days is there are a lot of pussies. Especially Americans. Americans are the biggest fucking pussies. Like how many current American champs are there?”

Strickland points to guys like a former opponent and perennial knockout artist Alex Pereria in comparison to the American athletes on the roster.

“When you look at this bad-ass Brazillian who just knocked me out. Bro, it’s like, Americans are just soft as fuck.”

Far from finishing his one-man crusade against the land of the free, Strickland did what is all too common in his interviews, and went to a place that far exceeds normal interview conversation. He theorized that Putin dropping a bomb on the USA is something he would co-sign.

Strickland: ”I Almost Hope Russia Nukes Us”

Jared Cannonier, Sean Strickland
© Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports and ESPN

“You get too much Starbucks, you’re too comfortable. Life is too good for you motherfuckers. Like I’m almost hoping, fucking Russia nukes us, just so our nuts get a little bigger. We are too soft. Fucking beta males with man buns and shit.”

Sean Strickland returns to action against Jarod Cannonier on December 17th, having to reschedule following a finger infection due to an accidental tooth-related incident. This will be his first taste of action since losing to title challenge Pereria in brutal fashion.

As Strickland gives advice on how American men can behave more masculinely, it is apparently as simple as acting like Partick Swayze.

“I’m the ’90 bro. I’m Patrick Swayze. I ride motorcycles, dude, fuck hot women.”

Partick Swayze

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