Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Sean Strickland: Women Are F***ing Weak

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland has mixed feelings when it comes to his thoughts on women.

Strickland will face recent middleweight title challenger Jared Cannonier in the main event of a December 17th UFC Fight Night event. The two middleweights were supposed to face off this weekend before Strickland suffered a finger infection.

Strickland is looking to get back in the win column following a loss to Alex Pereira at UFC 276. In the meantime, he’s spent his time recovering from his recent injury and ranting about various topics, including Ronda Rousey.

In light of Strickland’s controversial remarks regarding Rousey and her admission that she previously contemplated suicide, he could be in hot water again after his recent comments about women.

Sean Strickland Rants About Women In Latest Unfiltered Diatribe

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During a recent episode of Brendan Schaub’s Food Truck Diaries podcast, Strickland gave an in-depth perspective on what he thinks about women.

“Bottom line is, women are very strong, they’re very amazing and I love them. But women are weak,” Strickland said. “Women are fucking weak. My manager… he jerks off Izzy for a living, and he could probably fuck up Ronda Rousey. If you watch Gegard Mousasi wrestle Ronda Rousey, it’s like him playing with a little fucking puppy. What is Ronda Rousey going to fucking do?”

Strickland’s rants haven’t come without consequences, though. He was recently suspended from Twitter after a rant about gun rights and transexuals.

Schaub, a former romantic partner of Rousey, seemed to be taken aback by Strickland’s rant. The two quickly transitioned to eating after the UFC middleweight made the comments about women and Rousey.

Strickland continues to lack a filter when it comes to his thoughts on hot-button issues and people involved in the MMA community, which is why he is arguably one of the most polarizing personalities in the sport today.

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