Friday, December 2, 2022

Secret Commando Aims To Be First Afghan Woman In MMA

Now that she’s moved to the United States after assisting the military during the Afghan War, a member of a secret female platoon has her sights set on starting an MMA career.

Hawa Haidari was a member of the Afghan Female Tactical Platoon during the Afghan War. According to VOA News, the platoon worked alongside the Afghan government and U.S Special Forces to locate members of the Taliban.

The fact that the FTP was an all-female unit is unique by itself, but it’s even more notable given that the cultural taboos in Afghanistan during that time meant that woman weren’t allowed to work alongside men and would never be expected to be armed.

“Because they thought that the special forces work, that’s just for someone that’s very strong, just for men and not for female,” Haidari said. “We use night vision, we use rifle. M4. We go to their house and search them for the special person.”

Haidari Has Started MMA Training In The U.S

Haidari and the other members of the platoon were well aware of the risks involved in their mission, both due to the inherent danger as well as the culture in their home country.

The aspiring MMA fighter and a number of her former platoon members recently met up at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. to memorialize a friend that was killed by her fiancée’s family for being involved with the unit.

Over 40 members of the Afghan platoon have now moved to the U.S, although currently they’re still awaiting the necessary paperwork to be resolved to formally become citizens. All of the women are unable to return home due to the bounties placed on their heads in Afghanistan and setting foot in the country again would mean almost certain death.

(VOA News)

Haidari has kept plenty busy since arriving in the U.S. In addition to developing her grasp of the English language, the former commando has started regular MMA training. Although she expects it will take at least five years in order for her to actually be able to compete, Haidari doesn’t intend to shy away from the challenge.

“I want to be a strong woman, the strongest Afghan woman in here.”

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