Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Sonnen: Conor McGregor Needs To Explain USADA Situation

Chael Sonnen believes that it is time for Conor McGregor to explain the reason he has not been tested by USADA this year.

While Sonnen has some experience with drug testing in the UFC, he was not around the promotion for the heart of the USADA era. Nevertheless, his experience is not needed to determine how strange it is that McGregor is the only fighter who is active on the UFC roster to not get drug tested by USADA this year.

Sonnen Wants An Explanation From McGregor

There are a lot of people who have been wanting an explanation for why Conor McGregor has not been drug tested in 2021, and Chael Sonnen is one such person. However, he believes that he actually already knows what is going on and why the former champ-champ is not getting tested.

Speaking in a video on his YouTube channel, Sonnen explained that he felt like the reason McGregor has not been tested was because he withdrew from the testing pool to avoid getting a whereabouts violation while being busy, and will return when he is ready to fight. Nevertheless, he says that the Irishman should tell be upfront and honest about what is going on.

“Conor has a lot of opportunities. I don’t make anything selatious out of the USADA business. If he is indeed out of the pool, I think it would serve him to tell us why,” Sonnen said. “24/7 365 to be a part of a (testing) pool that wouldn’t even matter because you’re not going to compete, there would be a responsibility for your lawyer or your legal team to come to you and say ‘Hey, let’s remove you from this pool.’ That might have just been it.”

Some may argue that this is a reasonable expectation from Chael Sonnen, especially considering the issues that Conor McGregor has had with USADA going to great lengths to test him while he was on vacation.

Officially, USADA says that the only reason he would not be getting tested is because he retired, was released by the UFC, or has some other undefined exception, so it will be interesting to see if someone finally addresses exactly what is going on.

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