Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Sterling Claps Back At Cejudo’s Vow To Bring Belt ‘Back To America’

Aljamain Sterling was baffled at the recent callout from Henry Cejudo after his UFC 280 win.

Sterling and Cejudo have had several moments where they have gone back and forth over the last several months, with the former flyweight and bantamweight champion’s recent return to the USADA testing pool leading to talks of the two fighting for the title in the near future. They even sat down for a face-to-face interview with Daniel Cormier, where Triple C vowed that he would finish the Funkmaster.

Henry Cejudo Calls Out Aljamain Sterling

Things really began to heat up, after Aljamain Sterling defended his title against TJ Dillashaw in the UFC 280 co-main event. Shortly after the fight, Henry Cejudo, who had been live tweeting and reacting to the card, took to Twitter to call his shot for the bantamweight title, with some interesting framing of what his winning the belt would do.

“Congrats @[email protected] I’m next,” Cejudo wrote before adding, “Yo @danawhite give me the next title shot! Let’s bring this title back to America”

Cejudo then followed this up with a video, further illustrating his point as to why he wants the next title shot. Here he painted a picture that Sterling was only the champion because he vacated the belt when he announced his retirement and that he was coming back to take what he feels is rightfully his.

“Well congratulations Alja-shit-stain. You get to keep beating my leftovers. Congratulations. I took that dude out in 32 seconds!” Cejudo said while spanking his belt like a child in Wal-Mart. “Let’s not forget, all you guys are babysitting my belt. All you sorry ass 135-pounders, there’s one king and his name is Triple C. You’re gonna get it. Sign the contract, ho!”

Funkmaster Is American

As entertaining as this callout may be for some, Aljamain Sterling was a bit confused by the comments made by Henry Cejudo. In particular, the mention that he would be taking the belt back to America left the champ a bit confused.

When asked by media about Cejudo’s comments, Sterling explained that it made no sense because he is a first-generation American with Jamaican parents. So he does not understand the point Cejudo was trying to make.

“The title is in America, you bonehead. What are you talking about? I’m an American citizen. My parents are Jamaican. They were born in Kingston, born and raised. Their parents were born in Jamaica as well. I’m first generation Jamaican American,” Sterling said. “Stop saying that stupid shit. Like, it’s so stupid. I’m a proud American. I’m proud of my roots in Jamaica as well… So I don’t know what he’s talking about, bring the belt back to America. The belt’s in America already, baby! It ain’t going nowhere.”

Considering the fact that Henry Cejudo is a first-generation Mexican American, it is a bit ironic to see him draw the nationality of Aljamain Sterling into question. Regardless, the idea of the two of them fighting seems to be of interest to Dana White, even if the champ has different ideas, so it will be interesting to see how things play out.

How interested are you in a fight between Henry Cejudo and Aljamain Sterling?

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