Friday, December 2, 2022

Sterling Wants To Give Dillashaw The Iron Shiek Treatment

UFC Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Sterling has summoned the spirit of ’80s pro-wrestling icon The Iron Shiek in an effort to make TJ Dillashaw humble.

Sterling has made his strong animosity towards the Bang Muay Thai student known. It seems rarely an interview will pass without his disdain for the man who once held the mantle of champion that he now does. The pair square off at UFC 280, with Sterling hoping to have another gem to add to his belt when all is said and done. He has though, questioned if it will even be against Dillashaw as scheduled.

Sterling’s solution to the problem that is the title challenger, is to make Dillashaw humble, Iron Shiek style. The Iron Shiek, for the pro wrestling illiterate among you, was the ’80’s greatest villain. Originally an amateur wrestler from Iran, He went on to be an assistant coach on three men’s Greco-Roman US Olympic teams. The Iron Shek is also the man who launched Hulkamania, as he was Hulk Hogans’ first championship win.

Sterling told Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports of his Sheik-inspired plan:

“I mean, his teammates already ousted him years ago. And it is what it is, man. I mean, you even had Cody Garbrandt who outed him at the press conference and everyone swept it under the rug. And he said—and TJ gave a third grader response like, ‘Oh, yeah, yeah, sure, yeah. I’ve been cheating, yeah. And then, he gets caught.'”

Sterling Vows To Make Dillashaw Humble

Aljamain Sterling TJ Dillashaw
Photos via Instagram @funkmastermma @tjdillashaw

Sterling clearly feels as though this problem is a recurring one. He luckily hopes after some cage time with Dillashaw at UFC 280, he can churn a more palatable fighter out the other side.

“And it was like, dude, he only said this years ago before he even fought Cejudo. And yeah man, so it is what it is. I know the guy is just not a good person. I’ve met him in person a couple of times. He’s an arrogant little prick. And he needs some humbling man, the Iron Sheik way. You know, so break his back, make him humble, suplex him.”

What do you think? Will Aljamain Sterling give TJ Dillashaw the Iron Shiek treatment at UFC 280?

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