Fighters React To Sterling Defeating Injured Dillashaw At UFC 280

The bantamweight title fight in the co-main event of UFC 280, a bantamweight title fight between Aljamain Sterling and TJ Dillashaw had a bit of a rocky start.

The UFC 280 co-main event was a bantamweight title fight between Sterling, who was fresh off a pair of fights with former champ Petr Yan, and Dillashaw who was looking to recapture the belt that he only lost because of his use of PEDs. The two had been talking trash during the entirety of the build-up, and fans were excited to see how it would play out in the Octagon.

Aljamain Sterling Defends Against TJ Dillashaw

In the end, the penultimate fight on arguably the biggest UFC card of the year would be a bit complicated, as it appeared that TJ Dillashaw suffered some sort of dislocated shoulder early in the fight when Aljamain Sterling got a takedown.

Nevertheless, the former two-time champ showed strong defense and insane toughness, fighting off submission attempts and getting back to his feet, seemingly popping his shoulder back into place.

Unfortunately, Dillashaw should suffer the same situation in the second round, after a massive slam from a submission attempt by Sterling. This would ultimately result in the champ defending his title after getting the back and scoring heavy ground and pound to earn a TKO.

Community React To Sterling vs Dillashaw

There is no denying the amount of toughness that TJ Dillashaw showed in defeat, fighting through an early dislocation to still put up a fight against Aljamain Sterling. This respect from the fans was evident on social media, as people complimented the champ while commenting on the unfortunate nature of the outcome.

“Aljo did exactly what he was supposed to do. It’s unfortunate but the title reign rolls on,” Brian Campbell wrote.

“Gutted for him. And for Aljo. Seems like everyone knew he was injured. Sounding defeated in the commentator interviews, no open workout, no pads in the back… Unfortunate for everyone,” wrote Dan Hardy.

“Aljamain Sterling absolutely murked TJ Dillashaw and gets the finish in the second round! He’s still the UFC Bantamweight Champion!” Chamatkar Sandhu commented.

“T.J. Dillashaw fought hard. Gotta respect that. But if this started at the end of April and it is October, how did a commission and the doctors give him clearance to fight? Who cares what he wants? You have to protect the fighter from himself. That didn’t happen here, it appears,” Myron Medcalf tweeted.

“Give it up to Dillashaw for stepping in the octagon with that shoulder. But not taking anything from Aljamin’s performance, he would’ve win eitherway,” said heavyweight champ Francis Ngannou.

After this most recent win, it will be interesting to see if Aljamain Sterling defends his belt against Sean O’Malley, who defeated #1-contender Petr Yan moments earlier. Either way, by beating TJ Dillashaw, he proved that he is someone to be taken seriously.

Were you impressed with this win from Aljamain Sterling?

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