Friday, December 2, 2022

Strickland Rips “Scum Of The F***ing Earth” Dillashaw In Rant

Add former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw to the list of fighters and personalities who Sean Strickland hates with a passion.

Dillashaw will face Aljamain Sterling for the chance to become a three-time UFC champion this Saturday at UFC 280. He returns following a long hiatus stemming from a knee injury he suffered against Cory Sandhagen last year.

Dillashaw, who served a two-year USADA suspension for EPO use, has become a villain in a lot of MMA circles. While he’s owned up to his past mistake when it comes to using performance enhancers, many around the sport don’t respect him and suspect he’s still using.

Strickland, like Dillashaw, hasn’t made many friends in most MMA circles. He’s never afraid to speak his mind, at times to a fault when it comes to his fighting colleagues and various social issues.

Sean Strickland Doubles Down On Past TJ Dillashaw Takes

In a recent Instagram post, Strickland went off on Dillashaw and his past PED use.

“TJ Dillashaw keeps popping into my fucking feed,” Strickland said. “And TJ, you are the scum of the fucking earth. The fact that you’re even allowed to compete in MMA fucking shocks me. Let me tell me why you’re scum. When you go and you beat a guy…. have their fucking check is gone, their ranking’s gone. You do so much damage to somebody’s fucking life… you are fucking scum, you shouldn’t be allowed to compete in MMA, I fucking hate you.”

Strickland’s latest rant comes less than a year after he called for violators like Dillashaw to get handed a lifetime ban. UFC President Dana White, in contrast, has praised Dillashaw for how he handled the suspension.

Strickland will face Jared Cannonier in his Octagon return in December. He’s looking to get back on track following a knockout loss to Alex Pereira at UFC 276.

Dillashaw hasn’t responded to Strickland, though he’s likely well aware that he’s still perceived as a cheater amongst some fighters.

Do you agree with Sean Strickland’s take on TJ Dillashaw?