Saturday, November 26, 2022

This Week In The Wild World Of Fighting (10/24/2022)


What a week in the wild world of fighting! We had UFC 280, ONE on Prime 3 with an insane stoppage, and that’s not even beginning to look at some of the mental stuff that went down online! Let’s hop on this insane mental rollercoaster of everything that went down this week!

Charles “Do Bronx” Oliveira RNC’s A Tiger.

Yeah, you read that correctly. As if we weren’t sick of hearing about Khabib wrestling bears as a kid, “Do Bronx” just had to go and one up him and RNC a tiger. A freakin’ TIGER. I just hope Mike Tyson wasn’t around to chastise him before he loss to Islam.

Bryce Mitchell… Either Smokes Crack Or Is A Professional Troll

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Galileo was not sentenced for heresy for Bryce Mitchell to question him 400 years later. Even other flat earthers have proven, consistently, that the earth is round. Offended by Joe Rogan asserting such heresy, Bryce Mitchell has challenged him to “prove him wrong, bro” via Instagram. I’m just going to link it and let you watch it yourself. I can’t even believe I’m writing this. Four years of a physics degree hasn’t prepared me for this.

What confuses me most, however, is how Bryce Mitchell can have such an intimate knowledge of medicine without knowing the earth is round.

Thankfully, the independent fact checkers have noted that Bryce is wrong (about the earth, he’s 100% correct about Dillashaw), but Diego Sanchez should DEFINITELY get a CT scan to check for CTE.

Askar Askarov Gets Rawdogged Pregnant From Rawdogging Brandon Royval

Even though it was last week, I had to include this tweet from Brian “Boom” Kelleher reacting to news that Royval vs. Askarov had been cancelled. Sounds like Kelleher has been watching the Daily Wire, and it has him questioning “What is a Woman?”

This is a beautiful time to give Brandon Royval some kind of award for the best fighter nickname ever. Put it in the HoF or retire it along with him, whatever, just give the man his props (and get him another fight ASAP).

Wild World of Fighting: Wedding Rolling, Fist Fights And “PHAT Spinning Back-Fists”

I don’t want to imagine how many couples get into fights on their wedding day. I’d like to think it’s zero, but I’m not as naive as Bryce Mitchell. That being said, this couple won wedding of the year instantly when footage emerged of them rolling on the mats at the reception. I can’t imagine that many brides would enjoy being so sweaty so early in the night, and she was going for it too, almost locking in a nice knee-bar! If any girls out there want to recreate this, hit my line.

Guy Fights Gravity… And Loses

I really don’t want to rag Bryce Mitchell the way he ragged Edson Barbosa, but it’s just too easy. Much like our redneck friend, this poor bloke got in a fight with gravity and lost. Badly. What’s worse, is his friend seriously tried to pop his exploded ankle back into place like he was Dr. Strange un-eating an apple.

The Most Athletic Big Lad I’ve Ever Seen

I don’t even have any criticism on this one, dude hits a “Phat spinning back-fist” from HELL that sends his opponent face first into the dirt. My fellow big lad even checked the distance with a nice feeler jab, stepped through, and BOOM. My man, if you see this, I’d love to buy you a pint.

“Kiwis Back At It Again”

The eternally respected way to settle an argument — knocking the holy hell out of one another, bare knuckle, in someone’s back yard. These supposed New Zealanders settle their beefs with a good ol’ fisticuffs. A surprisingly measured and respectable bout between three folk who simply want to let their fists say what their words can’t.

Wild World Of Fighting: Roast Of The Week

We’ve got a 28-28 majority draw regarding this week’s roast of the week. On the one hand, Max Holloway lands a 10-8 over Daniel Cormier as he tours a food truck setup. This was almost as beautiful as his fight with Calvin Kattar, as he proves he’s the best comedian in the UFC.

However, DC also caught a couple of strays out of left field in the reactions, questioning not only his appetite, but also his commentary integrity.

That’s all she wrote for this week’s Wild World of Fighting! Let us know if we missed anything, and what else you’d like to see from this series!