Monday, November 28, 2022

This Week In The Wild World Of Fighting (10/29/2022)


This Halloween, we’ve got some one Hell of a week in the wild world of fighting to cover. Twitter was popping, Chris Curtis got Twitter confused with Tinder, and people were still salty about “Petr Yawn vs. Suga Sean”.

Lando Vannata Outs Himself As Never Having Read The Unified Rules

Twitter exploded as fans, fighters, and coaches all reacted to O’Malley’s split decision victory over Petr Yan. Some were more vocal than others, including Dominick Reyes. Reyes points out that, as well as the L on his record, Petr’s purse just got cut in half.

However, Lando Vannata, who hasn’t ever been on a streak of any kind in the UFC, win, loss, or draw, gave us a clue as to why. He doesn’t understand the unified rules. The unified rules clearly state that “effect result [above] position”. It’s right there. It’s the first paragraph.

Clearly the UFC don’t proof-read their own merchandise either. For their new champion, this is a bad look. All I’m saying is that nobody has ever mis-spelt “Volkanovski” on a piece of merch.

Nick Motta Goes To The Dark Side

Paulo “I’m Not Fighting Whittaker” Costa remains in Vegas. I can’t say I can blame him if his pictures with teammate Nicholas Motta are anything to go by. The pair look like they’re having a blast!

I wonder if that Secret Juice has any… err… “Little blue” food coloring in it.

TJ Dillashaw Catches Lefts, Rights, Ups, Downs…

As if UFC 280 wasn’t bad enough for TJ Dillashaw, a little chicanery from a camera man ensured that he’ll never live the moment down. While giving his post-fight interview, a cameraman framed the Manscaped sponsor just right.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Jan Blachowicz Ghillies Up, And The Holloways Do It Again

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Elon Musk has finally bought Twitter. What better way to wait out the end of the world than letting Donald Trump, The Babylon Bee and Paddy The Baddy back on Twitter for one last hurrah? I can’t think of any.

In case you forget, Paddy has been banned from Twitter repeatedly for offering to silence trolls with a sparring match, most recently following his win over Jordan Leavitt in July. However, this really grinds my gears, because Casey O’Neill did the same thing last month, and she’s had nothing on her account? Not even a shadow ban. Maybe now Twitter will begin to pay attention to their own rules of conduct and stand up against trolls.

Jan Blachowicz Gets Ghillied Up With MW2 Release

Jan Blachowicz was all of us this week as we awaited the MW2 release on Friday. The sequel-re-make of the re-make of the best selling COD game ever had the LHW contender taking a couple days off ahead of UFC 282.

It’s safe to say that if you see gamertag: xX_Polish_Plougher_42069Xx in the lobby this weekend, you are in the presence of one of the wild world of fighting greats.

Max Holloway Proves That The Belt Isn’t Everything

Is there anyone who is more blessed than “Blessed” himself? Every year Max and family go all out for Halloween, dressing up as their favorite anime characters. Last year, they recreated Demon Slayer and won MMA Halloween and all our hearts.

This year, the Holloway clan donned the Tokyo Revengers iconic get-up, with Rush looking the spitting image of Mikey, the protagonist – attitude and all.

Jiří Procházka And Anthony Pettis Cosplayers

As if that wasn’t enough Halloween fun, we even had some Jiří Procházka and Anthony Pettis cosplayers emerge on the internet this week. First, the 205 King’s imposter catches an absurd spinning back high kick right on his opponent’s jaw, laying him out like so many others who cross the Procházkas.

Meanwhile, the EweFC found it’s new Wheaties box star, as a highland sheep, who has obviously been watching Anthony Pettis highlights, makes a break for freedom by disguising himself as “Showtime”.

Rounding out the viral fights portion of this crazy week in the wild world of fighting is this clip that emerged from a Halloween party. This is why Halloween gets a bad rap. You gotta keep your guard up and your skirt down. Come on now guys. Be better.

Roast Of The Week

Chris Curtis clearly needs to go and touch some grass. He’s been on that COD game and just had his mother’s integrity questioned by xX_Polish_Plougher_42069_Xx while getting tea-bagged. After thirsting for MMATwitter’s collective crush, Diana Belbiță’s on main, Chris came up against some trolls. Side note, let’s get these guys in there with Chris, yeah? Leave Casey O’Neill out of this until she’s healed.

Anyway, Chris played the game for a little, before verbally annihilating “MikeyMike”. The first one was enough, Chris, he was already dead.

Question Of The Week

MMATwitter legend MacMally was getting philosophical earlier this week. However, one question stood out among the rest. Double-Date with Pat Barry and Rose Namajunas or a case race of PBR and construction with Bryce Mitchell? Sound off below!