Sunday, November 27, 2022

Tito Ortiz Claims Date Is Set For Chael Sonnen Rematch

UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz claims he’s close to a return to the MMA cage against Chael Sonnen in a rematch of their heated Bellator fight.

Ortiz and Sonnen fought at Bellator 170 in Jan. 2017, with Ortiz earning a first-round submission win over Sonnen. He went on to pick up MMA wins outside of Bellator over fellow UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell and Alberto Del Rio.

Ortiz has teased an MMA comeback in recent years and has repeatedly poked Sonnen in an attempt to lure him out of retirement. Sonnen retired following a loss to Lyoto Machida at Bellator 222 in 2019.

While some MMA fans haven’t taken Ortiz’s comeback claims seriously, he is allegedly closer than ever to one more fight.

Tito Ortiz Assures Fans Of Chael Sonnen Rematch


During a recent appearance on The Adam Carolla Show, Ortiz claimed a rematch with Sonnen is being finalized.

“I’ll be competing one last time in the beginning of February,” Ortiz said. “Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen number two will be happening for Freedom Fight Night. I’m excited. It’ll be in mixed martial arts, not boxing, and at 205lbs.” (h/t Heavy)

A formal announcement regarding an Ortiz/Sonnen rematch hasn’t been made by Freedom Fight Night.

Ortiz is arguably one of the greatest UFC light heavyweights of all time, with wins over the likes of Vitor Belfort, Ken Shamrock, and Forrest Griffin. He left the UFC in 2012 and signed with Bellator two years later.

The trash talk ahead of the first fight between Ortiz and Sonnen became heated and personal leading up to fight night. Their respective romantic partners were brought into the trash talk and added to one of the most heated pairings in Bellator history.

It’s uncertain if an Ortiz/Sonnen rematch will take place in Ortiz’s desired timeframe, though we could get an answer either way in the coming weeks.

Do you believe the Tito Ortiz vs. Chael Sonnen rematch is legit?