Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Two Ex-UFC Fighters Suspended After Enormous Weight Gain

Two fighters from the Bellator 286 fight card will need to move up in weight going forward.

Last weekend Bellator held an event in Long Beach, California. The event was headlined by a featherweight title fight between Patrício Pitbull and Ádám Borics. The fight card was a good mix of all different weight classes and rankings of fighters. Two fighters, however, were flagged due to their excessive weight gain from weigh-ins to fight night.

Enrique Barzola and Spike Carlyle were two of the biggest gainers of fight week, Usually, for a fighter to make weight in their designated weight class, they will cut water weight to make themselves lighter.

Usually, a few days of dehydration will allow the athlete to lose enough weight to make the limit for their class, and then they will rehydrate and pack the pounds back on. Yes, this is as dangerous as it sounds, and sometimes fighters will undergo medical emergencies while cutting.

Johny Hendricks Misses weight

The California State Athletic Commission Will Put A Limit Of Fighter In The Future

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has been keeping an eye on the weight of the athletes before and after the fight and has now handed out some suspensions for too much gained back.

Barzola, who was taking on former bantamweight champion Juan Archuleta, weighed in at 137.4lb for his catchweight fight, but on fight night came in at 163.4lb. He gained 26 pounds in the course of a day, by far the biggest of anyone at the event.

Due to this enormous gain, the CSAC will not allow Barzola to fight at or below, 135 lbs. in the future in California. However, the 19% gain was not enough to get Barzola the win that night, he lost by unanimous decision. His opponent Archuleta spoke about the weight and why the fight was changed to a catchweight the day of the weigh-ins.

“We got called and I guess they told both parties ‘hey, stop cutting weight. You’re going to weigh in at 141[lb]’ and I said ‘alright, cool’. That’s what we were told whilst we were cutting weight and we just kept it from there,” he said via The Mirror. “I’ve never missed weight but they made the call and I have no idea [why it happened].”

The same was done for Carlyle, who went from 156.6lb for his lightweight fight with AJ McKee all the way to 180.2lb on fight night. Going forward, he will not be allowed to compete at or below 155 pounds moving forward in California.

Do you think more commissions should be implementing these types of suspensions?