Thursday, December 8, 2022

UFC Bantamweight Makes History With Salary Deal

A UFC fighter is paving the way for a whole new type of fight purse.

UFC bantamweight fighter, Guido Cannetti is looking out for his future. Fighter pay has been at the forefront of many conversations lately. There are many fighters who are unhappy with the amount in which they get paid, and others who believe that they are paid enough. Cannetti is not worried about the amount in which he is getting paid but how he is getting paid.

Cannetti will be the first Argentinian fighter to be fully paid in cryptocurrency when he fights tonight at UFC Vegas 61. Cannetti will be asking for 100% of his salary to be paid to him in USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin.

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Guido Cannatti Will Be Getting His Fight Purse In Stablecoin

In Argentina, the rate of inflation in the local currency has been volatile. In order to protect themselves, many Argentia residents have invested in cryptocurrency to secure their money.

“I am getting paid in USDC because it is safer for my future,” said Cannetti in a statement released by Bitwage via Coin Telegraph, noting that stablecoins will spare him from the volatility and devaluation of local currency.

Other fighters have gotten paid in bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency before but this is the first time a fighter from Argentia is doing this for his entire fight purse. The UFC has a sponsorship with in which fans can vote for fighters to get performance bonuses that seem to be between $20,0000 and $30,000.

Cannetti will be taking on Randy Costa to kick off the preliminary portion of the event to take place in the UFC Apex. Tonight’s card will be headlined by a strawweight bout between Mackenzie Dern and Yan Xiaonan.

Do you think this is a good idea to be paid in USDC?