Saturday, December 3, 2022

Cejudo On UFC Betting Ban: ”I Don’t Get It”

Henry Cejudo has, as usual, offered his opinion, this time on the UFC‘s roster-wide ban on betting fights.

The former two-weight world champion has offered his obligatory commentary on the unfolding. Dismay and confusion are the two terms that come to mind when watching Cejudo react. Many UFC fighters bet on the events, with James Krause being one of the most prominent. The ban also extends to coaches, meaning even retirement won’t save Krause’s pursuit of a big win.

“So we cannot bet? That’s crazy, man!” Cejudo exclaimed (transcript via Sportskeeda). “There has to be a—I don’t, I mean, whatever dude. So we can’t bet on any fights? None?”

The concept seems lost on the retired Olympian. Cejudo sees no way this could hold up, due to a lack of contracted agreement not to.

Cejudo: ”Did We Sign A Waiver?”

Henry Cejudo

“Yeah, but how does that make it legal? Did we sign a contract? Did we sign a waiver or something along the lines that don’t let us bet? I don’t get it.”

Cejudo has been out of the Octagon since his retirement. Following beating Dominick Cruz and retaining his bantamweight belt, “Triple C” called it a day. In what feels like a weekly episodic though, He has teased a comeback fight with every fighter who appears in the news. From Conor McGregor to Sean O’Malley, it seems Cejudo is bound to return at some point.

It is certainly a landmark move by the UFC, and there is bound to be dissent. Many sports have been forced to implement similar rules due to match-fixing scandals. There was a circumstance of fight fixing in the UFC, with a South Korean fighter ending up in prison. This is one step towards avoiding similar circumstances arising in the future.

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