Monday, November 28, 2022

Vera Warns Yan Not To Underestimate O’Malley

Marlon “Chito” Vera has warned Petr Yan against underestimating former foe Sean O’Malley in their upcoming fight.

Vera came out on top in their meeting debilitating O’Malley’s leg, which comprised the rainbow-haired fighter. Chito then followed up with a barrage of ground and pound, resulting in a TKO stoppage victory.

Since the bout, the Ecuadorian knockout artist’s stock has been skyrocketing, with his head-kick knockout of Dominick Cruz cementing his spot near the top of the divisional rankings.

Vera though, warns former champion Petr Yan against underestimating O’Malley.

“I feel for real, that anybody can win. That anything can happen. You can break your feet in the first round, you can get cracked.” stated Chito Vera. The South American striker does think it is Yan’s fight to lose, as he goes on to tell Submission Radio.

“You also have to be realistic. The only two hard, high-level guys he fought, he got knocked the f*** out in one, and the second one he poked the guy in the eyes. And honestly, in the Munhoz fight before the eye poke happened, it is not like he was doing something crazy. He was not kicking his ass. They were literally going slap for a slap with low kicks. Really, no one was making any damage. No one was doing anything.”

Marlon Vera, Sean O'Malley
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Vera, now a twenty UFC fight veteran, now looks within touching distance of a title shot, although Sean O’Malley, who should he beat Petr Yan, will have a good claim as well.

When asked about the problem of who the number one contender is should arise, Vera is confident in a happy resolution. He simply told that “The UFC will take care of me”, before subtly dropping in the fact that Yan had refused to fight him, and that the “UFC will remember that”.

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