Thursday, December 8, 2022

Volkanovski Predicts UFC 280 Main Event & Next Opponent

Alexander Volkanovski has predicted the UFC 280 main event winner and his next opponent.

Vloging from Abu Dhabi, Alexander Volkanovski the UFC 280 main event. After a shut-out performance against Max Holloway at UFC 276 in June, Dana White promised that Volkanovski could do whatever he wanted. Serving as the backup fighter for the main event, Volkanovski will weigh in as an alternate. White also confirmed that the P4P #1 would await the victor of Oliveira and Makhachev.

Volkanovski Gives His Breakdown Of Both Main Event Fighters

In serving as the alternate for UFC 280’s main event, Volkanovski solidified his place as next in line. Weighing in alongside the scheduled main event, Volkanovski will be waiting in the wings to ensure that there is a lightweight champion come Sunday morning. Knowing he could be facing either man on less than 24 hours’ notice, Volkanovski has spent considerable time contemplating each fighter.

Volkanovski On Charles Oliveira

“Charles is a very good grappler and very good finisher. Striking, he’s going to be a lot better. He’s going to be a lot more dangerous on the feet… Charles is going to be dangerous because… I don’t think he’s going to be scared if it goes to the ground. I think he will threaten him with submissions off the get-go. You clinch, you shoot a double leg and he’s going for the neck, he’s going for triangles, arm bars from the get-go. I think he’s going to let his hands go, which makes him dangerous… but vulnerable to the take-down.

“If Charles were to pull guard… I don’t see Islam falling into the guard to stay on top. I don’t think he’s going to want to approach the grappling that way… He wants to grab a hold of a leg, climb him, clinch, take him down, and land in a position that he is comfortable in. Control his hips from the get-go, not let him be so dangerous, and use his hips to throw up submissions.

“Half guard, climb, and then maybe work some submissions himself. I think he’s going to wear him down, stay very heavy, and maybe look for the finish or start to wear [Charles] down… I think Islam’s control, the way he approaches grappling, is all about control. Controlling the legs, controlling the hips, climbing, staying heavy and then slowly going into better positions and grinding them out that way. He doesn’t make too many mistakes.

Volkanovski Predicts The Winner At UFC 280

With all that in mind, it is clear that Volkanovski has put a lot of thought into who his next opponent will be, whether the opportunity comes sooner or later. Volkanovski predicts that, unlike Oliveira’s last three bouts, this will see the later rounds.

“Obviously, I’ve been studying these guys, so I sort of know how this will go. I know how I would approach it, but how is Charles going to approach it? How is Islam going to approach Charles? We don’t know, but I think if I had to lean for someone, it would be Islam. No disrespect to Charles, because Charles has proven himself, but I just expect that’s how it goes. Either a late finish, kimura, arm-bar, arm-triangle, that type of stuff, or decision. And obviously, if I need to step in, you never know! As I always say, you know I’m a safe bet!”

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