Thursday, December 8, 2022

Watch: Kickboxer Sends Opponent Tumbling With Crunching Headkick

A brain-rattling headkick from kickboxer Krzysztof Mariańczyk left his opponent out for the count at The War 4.

The sensational KO took place on the main card of the event on Saturday in Poland. Mariańczyk, who fights as a lightweight, was looking to keep his six-fight undefeated combat sports record in tact.

The crushing headkick was the coup de grace of a three-strike combination from Mariańczyk that not only sent his opponent tumbling through the air, but his mouthpiece too.

Kickboxer Krzysztof Mariańczyk Lands Crunching Headkick

Watch Mariańczyk get the finish below.

Mariańczyk remains undefeated after six kickboxing fights and a single boxing outing. He most recently defeated Mateusz Wójtowicz via unanimous decision at TFL 24 in February.

The War 4 main card also featured an insane three-on-three MMA fight, with team Mlode Gliwace coming away with an easy win over the Dachshunds. Such fights have become common in Poland in recent years, with another promotion having recently staged a five-on-five barenuckle free-for-all.

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