Thursday, December 8, 2022

Watch: McGregor Drops Sparring Partner, Twitter Reacts

The MMA community has reacted after footage emerged that shows former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor dropping a sparring partner in the gym.

Currently, McGregor is on the sidelines following a nasty injury suffered last July. After returning in 2021 for his most active year since 2016, the Irishman went on to drop a pair of TKOs to rival Dustin Poirier.

In their rematch, which came almost seven years on from McGregor’s victory over “The Diamond,” the former lightweight and featherweight king was knocked out for the first time in his career. Six months later, the result was even worse physically, with McGregor leaving the Octagon on a stretcher after suffering a broken leg.

Now, footage has come out that appears to show the Dublin native training ahead of his UFC 264 showdown with Poirier, with some suggesting that the mat looks to be from John Kavanagh’s private gym outside of Los Angeles that he rented out during the summer of last year.

Nevertheless, the clip has still caught the attention of fans. After some tentative back and forth, McGregor can be seen throwing a spinning kick at his partner, who is donning head gear, before landing a flush left hand.

The shot, which McGregor has been known for throughout his MMA career, sends the individual back to the cage wall, where he eventually slumps to the mat.

Videos of such incidents in the gym are certainly nothing new. More often than not, the aggressor is met with criticism for failing to protect their training partner.

That was no different in this case…

Twitter Reacts To McGregor Sparring Footage

After BT Sport shared the clip on its official Twitter account, a number of fans flocked to give their take on the in-cage exchanges, which ended in a rough way for the less-experienced of the two.

Despite the knockdown, not everyone aimed slack towards McGregor. In fact, a number of users chose to comment on the power and accuracy in the Irishman’s left hand, which the likes of Eddie Alvarez and José Aldo know all too well.

That view was certainly in the minority, though, with many others questioning the quality of the training partners employed by McGregor. As well as one individual suggesting that the figure in the video was likely a “newbie,” others branded him a “plumber” and pizza delivery driver.

McGregor also didn’t get off scot-free.

As well as hurting his sparring partner with the activity-ending left hand, a number of Twitter users took issue with McGregor throwing kicks while donning trainers.

One MMA enthusiast responded to the clip by bringing up Justin Gaethje. Talk about a fight between McGregor and “The Highlight” has long existed, with the latter accusing the Irishman of ducking him to face Donald Cerrone in 2020.

Just this week, Gaethje reacted to the revelation that the former champ-champ is yet to be tested by USADA in 2022, leading him to the conclusion that McGregor has been using performance-enhancing drugs during his injury layoff.

Evidently not supportive of Gaethje’s remarks, the fan questioned whether the former interim lightweight titleholder would be able to withstand McGregor’s left hand, with his emoji providing his own answer for the query.

What do you make of Conor McGregor dropping his sparring partner with a left hand?