Friday, December 2, 2022

White Praises TJ Dillashaw For Handling Of USADA Suspension

Dana White doesn’t condone TJ Dillashaw’s past PED drug use, though he feels it’s time to give him some credit for his suspension handling.

Dillashaw, the former two-time UFC bantamweight champion, will face Aljamain Sterling for the belt in the UFC 280 co-main event. This is his second fight since returning from a two-year USADA suspension for EPO use stemming from his flyweight title challenge against Henry Cejudo.

Dillashaw has been labeled as a cheater by many in the UFC community, including Sterling. While Dillashaw has owned up to his mistakes, some including Sterling believe he had no choice but to admit using EPO as there was no way to deny the conclusive results of the tests.

Despite the past controversies surrounding Dillashaw, White feels that fans and pundits should appreciate how he took responsibility for the drug use.

Dana White Gives TJ Dillashaw Credit For Handling Of USADA Suspension


During a recent interview with Barstool Sports’ Robbie Fox, White answered whether or not he believes Dillashaw will ever be able to kick the stigma of his past drug use.

“The guy’s probably one of the most tested guys in the company right now, USADA’s probably all over him,” White said of Dillashaw. “He made a mistake and he handled it like a man. We’ve had a lot of guys throughout the history of this company who have been busted for steroids and handled it the exact opposite way. They handled it not like men. Dillashaw did. He took it on the chin, and you gotta respect him for that.”

Dillashaw returned triumphantly with a win over Cory Sandhagen in July 2021. He then underwent knee surgery stemming from an injury he suffered during the fight against Sandhagen.

Dillashaw will have the opportunity to silence his critics at UFC 280, though the stigma surrounding his USADA suspension could impact his legacy forever.

Do you agree with Dana White about how T.J. Dillashaw handled his USADA suspension?

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